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Center for Laser Applications

Laser Safety Information

Formal laser safety training, including information on the proper use, safe handling and health exposures of class 3b and class 4 lasers (see FAQ), is provided by UTSI on an individual basis to all faculty, staff and graduate students assigned to work with these devices.  The training includes the UTSI general laser safety guide, and adheres to the ANSI Z136.1-2000 national laser safety standard.

To have access to the Center of Laser Applications, copies of the following documents need to be sent to the UTSI Safety & Health Officer- Chris Armstrong and to Laser safety Officer- Alexander Terekhov.

Completion certificate for the UTSI Laser Safety online training.

Completion certificate for the UTSI Workplace Safety Orientation.

Contact Alexander Terekhov to sign up for GOTRAIN (Web-Based Safety Training Courses)

A signed copy of the Precautions for the safe use of lasers.

Read it carefully! Before training on the instruments, you will be briefly quizzed about it.

Other useful sources of safety information are: (Reading of this material is HIGHLY recommended! They regard YOUR safety.)